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Thank you very much for the interest you’ve shown in making a video about our game for Youtube. It really 'sucks' that we even need to make an announcement about this, but making things clear is for the better.

If you own an original copy of the game, you have the right to shoot a video, should it contain the following:

  • Video containing gameplay with comment, video containing gameplay without comment, video review, video tutorial, video-walkthrough etc.
  • In that case you have 100 % right to monetize any video which contains the original gameplay shots and music.
  • Should a stranger claim the rights on your YouTube, or anybody not from Fiolasoft Studio, Playman s. r. o., please, contact us and we’ll fix everything up.

Have you recorded video?

Show us!

Don’t hesitate to send us your gameplay or review of our product! We listen to our fans and critics and we do everything we can for to see your work! Don’t be afraid and contact us with the link to your video :).

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