Check this list of most used questions to our game. Maybe there is some answer also for you! If not, please, don't hesitate to contact us!

I want to know more about game BLACKHOLE!

Imagine this: You're a crew member on a suicide mission. They have to close the dangerous black hole. But unfortunately, something went wrong and spaceship fall beyond event horizon. This means, everyone is falling into a black hole. Even you. But you'll survive. And your task is finish the mission.

Stranded on an Entity, you have to collect selfburns to repair the spaceship, find all missing crew members and reveal dark mystery about this mission.

So, BLACKHOLE is story driven game? And platformer?

Yes! All dialogues are voiced and there is a lot of dialogues! But don't worry, if you like more jumping than adventure, you can always set the game into "less dialogues" mode and enjoy non-story-driven version. It's the same version, but without the story. Still awesome though!

I have problem with my copy of the game!

Sorry to hear that!

Please, firstly visit and check this guide.

If you're playing the Windows, Linux or Mac version, check Steam forums, because someone maybe already resolved the problem.

If you're not able to find any answer on your problem or you can't find solution, contact us using this form. Please, describe your configuration like: CPU, GPU, Version OS, version game and your display driver version.

What platforms is it on?

Windows, Mac and Linux version of the game are available!

NVIDIA SHIELD version of the game is coming in 2016.

XBOX ONE, PS4 versions are coming in 2016.

PS Vita version is not officially confirmed.

You can see all available versions on our buy game page.

I have the DRM-FREE version of the game and it isn't working!!!

Well, we are sorry to hear that! You have some options what to do before you will contact us. First of all, please, make sure that you have updated all drivers & graphics drivers.

If you are on the Windows, please, make sure you're not trying to run the game on Windows XP - unfortunately, this OS is not supported.

If you are on the Windows, please, make sure you've updated the DirectX libraries. You can do it on this link.

If any of these solutions above doesn't help, please, don't hesitate to contact us via contact page at any time!

I want to buy only soundtrack, is it possible?

Yes! Soundrack is available on Bandcamp. You can get the same soundtrack also in the Collector's Edition of the game on steam. You can also play the soundtrack on Google Music, Spotify, YouTube or Apple iTunes.

What about Android and iOS version?

Right now it's impossible to make port of the game for that devices. Mainly because you need controller or keyboard to play our game. But we are discussing the possible support for NVIDIA Shield. Stay tuned.

Can I stream this game and make money off it?

Yes. If you're decided to stream or record the game, then we are really honored to support you. You are free to monetize your videos as well.

You can also reach us on our Twitter when your video is up. Also, clever usage of #coffeeinspace or #blackholegame will have effect on your videos and help us and viewers to discover you more easily.

What engine do you use?

BLACKHOLE is using GameMaker: Studio engine. We are in the friendly connection with developers of the engine to make the best possible outcome for our project. You should know, that YoYo Games is working really hard to bring best games to the market. Including our game.

What about Steam Workshop and Level editor?

Implementation of such a thing requests a really lot of time and money above our basic production goal. We will be 100% honest here, we weren't expect so much desire for level editor. BLACKHOLE isn't ready for custom levels right now. We are really sorry.

Is there any chance to get multiplayer? Co-op maybe?

During the development we have been thinking about bringing co-op mode for two players to live. When we did several test with some levels, we have discovered that our gravity rules are great mainly in singleplayer mode. That said, we are not planning any implementation of co-op mode. On the other hand, we want to release online mode which allows everyone send their times for each level and compete between friends in better gameplay progress.

Do I have to be online during gameplay?

No. Everything what have to be done is just be online during activation and then you can go to offline.

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More questions?

Contact us and ask about anything. And if you are interested in our game, or if you are willing to write about or make a video about Blackhole, write soon! :)

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Minimum requirements

OS: Windows 8.1, Mac OS X, Linux Ubuntu

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo


Graphics card: Intel Graphics / 512MB VRAM

Sound card: Compatible with DirectX®: 9.0c

Free space on HDD: 3 GB

Support: Version 9.0c

Recommended Xbox 360® gamepad for Windows

Warning: Laptop graphics card are not supported, but may be functional