New environment: Jungle Posted by Fiola on May 12, 2014 17:09 PM

This is a big update for us, and we think that you’ll like it, too!

Today, you will see the first screenshot from new environment in the game. After ACT 1, Crashsite, you will discover a path to the Jungle. ACT 2 is in the story called "No-man's land", and you will see the amazing story there!

Jungle is the unexpected part of the journey full of alien life. And not only that, because even in the living jungle you’ll come across the gravity platforms! You will see the first gameplay mod's as a kind of a trampoline, pulley mechanics and more! Of course, it's all about turning the gravity upside down the right way!

From the great concept art from Rado Markovic, to gameplay screenshot mockuped by Radek Jakl; We are currently alpha testing the new chambers with the abovementioned Jungle theme. After testing, we will shoot the new gameplay video for you! Stay tuned! :)