NEW PATCH 1.6.6 AVAILABLE NOW! Posted by BLACKHOLE on July 29, 2016 17:32 PM

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We are working hard to finally fix all previously reported issues. Yes, we have skipped 2 versions. So, by now you can play the newest stable version 1.6.6 on Windows, Linux and Mac! This new patch is not so big as the previous ones. It's a smaller one, but that only means we are close to the finish line.

We hope you will enjoy our improvements, though!



  • New name for executable file on Windows changed from BLACKHOLE.exe to BH.exe due to bad recognition by Anti-Virus software (Be aware: BLACKHOLE is well known virus shared by email - not Steam. Our game is not a virus - so we changed the name of the file just for player's sure)
  • Improved stability of Mac OS X version
  • Challenge Vault stability improvements
  • New Challenge Vault music


  • (FIX) Game sometimes crashes before it actually starts (driver issues)
  • (FIX) Fixed procedure which saves levels
  • (FIX) Fixed information about controllers during first game launch
  • (FIX) Fixed sound of falling during cutscene in Crashsite to No-Man's Land
  • (FIX) Fixed controller re-mapping issues and crashes
  • (FIX) Fixed stuttering on Fullscreen when you play on NVIDIA GTX980Ti and GTX1080
  • (FIX) Hopefully fixed Intel HD Graphics and Intel Iris texture memory leak on Mac OS X
  • (FIX) Fixed minor bug in the main menu

We are working hard to fix these reported issues as soon as possible:

  • Issue causing letterbox when is the screenshot saved under smaller resolutions than 1920x1080.
  • Issue which disable gamepad controller for OS X version.

What's next?

We want to thank you for all of your positive reviews and all the reported bugs. We are fully focused on making the game even more enjoyable and looking forward to hearing how you like the update on our Steam Discussion forum!

Also, we have released a troubleshoot article to help you solve many problems with the game. Feel free to check it out on this link! :)