Winners of the 6th week of Challenge Vault! Posted by BLACKHOLE on August 6, 2016 12:34 PM

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These are TOP 10 most fastest speedruns we have seen in the 6th week of Challenge Vault! It's so amazing how many players are trying to get in their position in leaderboards. Congratulations to everyone who was trying!

Every week we are sharing with you our leaderboard to celebrate the best of the best. You can be in this leaderoard too! Just try to beat Challenge Vault level for this week! Even the slowest playthrough is recorded in our hall of fame!

Here's a World Record video for this week:

The Week 7 has already started, this week we focused challenge on unforgiving land of strange things! Yeah, we are talking about Beyond the Void.

About Challenge Vault

Select your favourite character and beat the records set by other players in this brand new online mode. For 15 weeks, you will get access to new exclusively designed levels full of gravity-twisting puzzles and fast-paced action. Be the fastest and become the King of the Vault in our online tournament mode.